It All Started With a Truck

Stec Logistics, a trucking company in PA, was formed in 2005 to better serve our customers and provide them with the service they have come to know and appreciate. However, our experience goes way beyond 2005. Ed Stec, the owner of Stec Logistics, began operating a tractor trailer in the early 1980s. Slowly but surely, he added additional equipment and drivers to his fleet and some of the customers that we work with to this day started with Ed at this time. Ed provided these services through his first trucking company, Stec Trucking, which operated as a contract hauler. Seeing the need to better serve his customers and the amount of fragmentation in the industry, he formed Stec Logistics. This allowed for direct communication and service with the customers who badly needed reliable capacity. Stec Logistics is now positioned to be the best truckload carrier in the Northeast with sights to grow and be the most sought after provider of truckload carrier services.

If you are a business with truckload needs that are not being met (or just want to test new waters), go here to read up on what services we offer. We only take on freight that we know we can deliver reliably and on time as we never want to jeopardize a business’s lifeblood.

If you are a driver with up to date, well taken care of equipment, go here to read about the benefits and what it takes to be one of our drivers. Our drivers are the most responsible in the industry as they take care of much of the logistics and planning when it comes to hauling freight. And because of this, our drivers are some of the highest paid. We see our drivers as, and treat our drivers as, individual business owners because really that is what they are. So if you like that idea, contact us today and let’s see what routes we can get you.

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